US History Regents Exam 2022 Canceled Statewide due to Buffalo Shooting

The U.S. History and Government Regents exam scheduled for 1st June has been canceled as it could add to student trauma over the latest Buffalo mass shooting, state education officials said.

New York state Education Commissioner Betty Rosa sent a letter to school administrators Tuesday canceling the paper statewide.

Content experts reviewed the all Regents test and determined the history exam has content with “the potential to compound student trauma caused by the recent violence in Buffalo,’’ said Emily DeSantis, Education Department spokesperson.

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The department did not give specifics on what is in the test that might cause trauma.

Ten people were killed at a Buffalo Tops store on 15th May after a man fueled with racist hate took aim at Black shoppers.

“As a result of the Buffalo tragedy, it is not appropriate to administer the exam with a question that could compound the grief and hardship faced by our school communities,” education department officials said.

The education department is asking the Board of Regents to grant students an exemption who were taking the exam in June, August or in January 2023.

Rosa said there isn’t time to change the exam because they have already been printed and packaged for shipment to schools.

“The department is committed to supporting our students, schools, and communities in the wake of the tragedy in Buffalo Shooting,” Rosa wrote in the letter. “We will work together to ensure that goodness and compassion will always triumph over ignorance and hatred.”

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