Why does Natalya quarrel with Lomov what is the result?

Q. why does natalya quarrel with lomov what is the result?

A. Natalya and Lomov are the two neighbors who would quarrel with each other for any reason. In this story, they are found quarreling with each other on the issue of the land and over dogs. The result of quarreling was that the real reason for visiting of Lomov to Natalya’s house was forgotten. At the end, Natalya’s father Chubukov didn’t miss the chance and fixed their marriage.


A. Lomov fought with Natalya for a piece of land. Both of them wanted to have a claim for the same piece of land, i.e., Oxen Meadows. The second time they fought for their dogs to establish the supe-riority of one over the other. Lomov and Natalya are not able to decide whose dog is superior as Natalya is proud of her dog, Squeezer who is young and belongs to a pedigree, whereas Lomov considers it to be uppershot and boasts of his pet ‘Guess’ who he thinks is a first rate dog. But Natalya considers ‘Guess’ to be old and as ugly as a worn out cab horse.

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