NSP Scholarship 2023-24: Online Apply, Status, and Last Date

NSP Scholarship 2023-24: The National Scholarship Portal serves as a dedicated online platform for scholarships, encompassing a wide array of financial assistance opportunities and fellowships for students throughout India, aimed at facilitating their educational pursuits. The portal hosts an extensive range of programs presented by entities such as the Central Government, State Government, as well as other governmental institutions including AICTE, UGC, and more. Functioning as a comprehensive hub for government-sponsored scholarships, it offers a diverse set of services that span from facilitating online scholarship applications to ensuring the seamless distribution of scholarship funds.

The National Scholarship Portal, commonly referred to as NSP, caters to a comprehensive spectrum of scholarship categories encompassing Pre Matric, Post Matric, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Professional & Technical Courses, as well as PhD-level pursuits, specifically oriented towards individuals belonging to the SC/ST/OBC/Minorities/Students with Disabilities categories. The NSP Portal effectively manages a variety of services including the validation of student applications, issuance of application receipts, application processing, as well as the approval and subsequent disbursement of scholarship funds to eligible beneficiaries.

This article contains comprehensive information about the National Scholarship Portal (NSP), including application dates, eligibility criteria, deadlines, NSP Scholarship Status, NSP Merit List, the online application process and link for scholarships, scholarship amounts, the official website, and more. Prospective applicants who meet the eligibility requirements can submit their applications online through the official website scholarships.gov.in. Therefore, it is advisable to thoroughly review all the details before proceeding with the online application.

NSP National Scholarship Portal 2023-24 : Overview

NSP Scholarship 2023-24: Online Apply, Status, and Last Date
Scholarship NameNSP Scholarship 2023-24
Ministry NameMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India
Scholarships ListPre Matric Scholarships, Post Matric Scholarships, Merit Cum Means (MCM) Scholarship
Academic Year2023-24
Eligible Category for NSPSC/ ST/ EBC/ Minorities/ Students with Disabilities
Current StatusApplication Started
NSP Portal NameNational Scholarship Portal
NSP Portal Linkscholarships.gov.in

Latest Update: As per officials, NSP Portal for Annual Year 2023-24 has been started for online application from 03 October 2023, Students are advised to :

  • Keep Aadhaar ready
  • Link mobile no. with Aadhaar
  • Seed bank A/C with Aadhaar

NSP Scholarship Important Dates

Important Dates for Pre Matric

Application Start Date for 2023-2403 October 2023
Application Last Date 2023-2431 December 2023
Defective Application Verification Last DateUpdated Soon
DNO/ SNO/ MNO Verification Last DateUpdated Soon
Aadhar Based NSP Scholarship Biometric AuthenticationUpdated Soon

Important Dates for Post Matric

Application Start Date for 2023-2403 October 2023
Application Last Date 2023-2431 December 2023
Defective Application Verification Last DateUpdated Soon
DNO/ SNO/ MNO Verification Last DateUpdated Soon
Aadhar Based NSP Scholarship Biometric AuthenticationUpdated Soon

Eligibility Criteria for NSP Scholarship 2023-24

NSP Pre Matric Scholarship

  • Eligibility:
    1. Students must have scored over 50% marks in their most recent final examination.
    2. The combined annual income of their parents/guardians from all sources should not exceed Rs. 1.00 lakh.
  • Scope:
    1. The scholarship is applicable for education in India.
    2. It covers students in government or private schools, ranging from class I to class X.
    3. Specifically targeted for minority community students studying in Classes I to X.

NSP Post Matric Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria: Scholarships will be granted to students who have achieved more than 50% marks or an equivalent grade in their most recent final examination. Additionally, the combined annual income of their parents or guardians from all sources should not exceed Rs. 2.00 lakh.

Scope of the Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for students pursuing education in India within government or private higher secondary schools, colleges, and universities. The scholarship also encompasses technical and vocational courses offered by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and Industrial Training Centres affiliated with the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT), encompassing classes at the XI and XII levels, including Polytechnics and various other relevant courses.

Applicable Courses: The scholarship is open to students enrolled in Classes XI and XII, as well as those pursuing technical and vocational courses at this level, which includes Polytechnics, ITIs, and similar courses.

Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professional & Technical Courses CS

Eligibility: The scholarship will be granted to students who have achieved a score of over 50% or an equivalent grade in their most recent final examination. Additionally, the combined annual income of their parents/guardians from all sources must not exceed Rs. 2.50 lakh.

Scope: This scholarship is intended to support studies within India, specifically in a government or private educational institution. These institutions will be chosen and disclosed transparently by the respective State Government/Union Territory Administration. The scholarship encompasses technical and professional courses offered at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A comprehensive list of eligible courses can be found in Appendix-E.

Students who secure admission to a college for technical/professional courses based on competitive examinations will also qualify for this scholarship.

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Check NSP Merit List / Selection List

The Merit List for NSP Scholarship applicants who applied online has now been released. Those students whose names are included in the NSP Merit List will be eligible to receive the scholarship benefits. You can access the PDF of the merit list through the provided link for convenient downloading.

Download NSP Merit List For “National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students”
Download NSP Scholarship Merit List For All Department

What is NSP (National Scholarship Portal)?

The National Scholarships Portal (NSP) serves as a comprehensive platform that facilitates a range of services for students. These services encompass the entire scholarship process, including student applications, receipt of applications, processing, approval, and distribution of different scholarships. The National Scholarships Portal has been designated as a Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).

The NSP can benefit you in the following ways :

  • Centralized source for all scholarship information
  • Unified application process for multiple scholarships
  • Automated eligibility suggestions for schemes
  • Minimization of duplicate applications
  • Comprehensive database of nationwide institutions and courses

Objective of NSP- National Scholarship Portal

  • Timely disbursement of Scholarships to students
  • Centralized portal for various Scholarships schemes of Central and State Governments
  • Transparent database of scholars
  • Prevention of duplication in processing
  • Standardization of different Scholarships schemes & norms
  • Implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer

Types of NSP Scholarships

The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) encompasses a wide range of scholarships intended for students across different educational levels, including class 1 to 10, 11th, 12th, pre and post-matric, as well as undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies. The NSP’s coverage includes the following categories of scholarships:

  1. List of Central Schemes
  2. List of UGC Schemes
  3. List of AICTE Schemes
  4. List of State Schemes

List of NSP Central Scholarship Scheme

Here are the list of all Central Scholarship Scheme under National Scholarship Portal (NSP):

  • Ministry of Minority Affairs
  • Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
  • Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
  • Ministry of Labour & Employment
  • Ministry of Tribal Affairs
  • Department of School Education & Literacy
  • Department of Higher Education
  • WARB, Ministry of Home Affairs
  • RPF/RPSF, Ministry of Railway
  • North Eastern Council (NEC), DoNER

NSP Pre Matric and Post Matric Scholarships Selection Process

The selection process for Pre Matric and Post Matric fresh and renewal applicants are as given below:

Selection Process for New Applicants:

Given the fixed and limited number of NSP scholarships available for minorities each year, a systematic selection process is crucial. Within this process, emphasis is placed on assessing financial need rather than solely relying on academic marks. To achieve this, applicants are required to furnish an income certificate in accordance with paragraph 11(ii). In situations where applicants have the same income level, priority will be given based on the applicant’s ‘Date of Birth’ criterion, with preference for the elder candidate.

Selection Process for Renewal Applicants:

In the case of renewal applicants, the process does not involve generating a merit list. Instead, eligibility for the scholarship renewal is determined by achieving a minimum of 50% marks in the previous year’s examinations within the same institute and course. Additionally, the application undergoes thorough verification by designated authorities assigned by the Ministry of Minority Affairs, followed by approval from the respective State Governments/Union Territories.

NSP Scholarships Distribution Rule

Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, and Zoroastrians (Parsis) have been officially recognized as minority communities according to Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. A total of five hundred thousand (500,000) online scholarships are set to be allocated as both ‘Fresh’ Scholarships and Renewal Scholarships. The allotment of these scholarships among various States and Union Territories will be based on the minority population data from Census 2001 for the year 2017-18, and Census 2011 for the years 2018-19 and 2019-20, as outlined in Appendices A and B.

NSP Scholarship Amount

Pre Matric Scholarship Amount

The details of the scheme interventions for 2017-18 to 2019-20 are as under:

  • Scholarship Admission and Tuition Fee Rates:
    1. Admission Fee for Class VI to X: Rs. 500/- per annum (both Hosteller & Day Scholar)
    2. Tuition Fee for Class VI to X: Rs. 350/- per month (both Hosteller & Day Scholar)
  • Maintenance Allowance:
    1. Class I to V*:
      • Day Scholar: Rs. 100/- per month
    2. Class VI to X*:
      • Hosteller: Rs. 600/- per month
      • Day Scholar: Rs. 100/- per month
  • All amounts are applicable for 10 months in an academic year.

Post Matric Scholarship Amount

Financial support will be granted for enrollment, course or tuition fees, and living expenses as outlined below, with a maximum limit specified for each category for the years 2017-2020. The following provides information about the scheme’s provisions for the period 2017-2018 to 2019-2020:

Rate of Scholarship Admission + Tuition Fee:

Admission and Tuition Fee for Class XI & XII:

  • Rs. 7,000/- per annum (both Hosteller & Day Scholar), subject to actuals

Admission and Course/Tuition Fee for Technical and Vocational Courses (XI and XII level, Courses of one or more years):

  • Rs. 10,000/- per annum (both Hosteller & Day Scholar), subject to actuals

Admission and Tuition Fee for UG & PG Level:

  • Rs. 3,000/- per annum (both Hosteller & Day Scholar), subject to actuals

Maintenance Allowance:

For Class XI & XII including Tech. & Voc. Course:*

  • Hosteller: Rs. 380/- per month
  • Day Scholar: Rs. 230/- per month

For Courses other than Tech. & Prof. courses at UG & PG level:*

  • Hosteller: Rs. 570/- per month
  • Day Scholar: Rs. 300/- per month

For M.Phil & Ph.D.*:

  • Hosteller: Rs. 1,200/- per month
  • Day Scholar: Rs. 550/- per month

Maintenance Allowance is provided for 10 months in an academic year.

MCM Rate Of Scholarship

The details of the scheme interventions for the three years viz.2017-18 to 2019-20 are as under:

  1. Maintenance Allowance
    • Rs. 1,000/- per month* for Hosteller Rs. 500/- per month* for Day Scholar
  2. Scholarship for listed institutes
    • Full course fee is reimbursed for 85 listed Institutes.
  3. For 10 months in an academic year.

Begum Hazrat Mahal Scholarship Amount

Amount of scholarship will be provided Rs.5000/each for Class IX & X and Rs.6000/-each for Class XI & XII.

Required Documents for NSP Scholarship

In the process of applying for scholarships online through NSP, students must upload specific documents to fulfill the application requirements. Nevertheless, if the scholarship amount is less than INR 50,000, students are exempted from uploading any documents. Instead, they are to present document copies at their respective schools, colleges, or institutes. For all remaining scholarships, students ought to maintain possession of the subsequent documents:

  • Bank Passbook
  • Educational documents
  • Aadhaar number
  • Domicile Certificate (as specified in the respective scholarship guidelines)
  • Income Certificate (as specified in the respective scholarship guidelines)
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable)
  • Bonafide student certificate from school/institute (if the institute/school is different from the domicile state of the applicant)

Check Eligibility for NSP Scholarship

Candidates can check their eligibility criteria by entering the following details on the official portal.

  • Domacile State/UT
  • Course Level
  • Religion
  • Caste/Community Category
  • Gender
  • Parent Annual Income
  • Whether Disabled

How to apply for NSP scholarship at National Scholarship Portal -scholarships.gov.in ? 

Eligible Candidates can apply online for NSP Scholarship by following the given steps:

Step 1: Searching for the Institute

  1. Visit scholarships.gov.in, the home page of the National Scholarship portal.
  2. Click on the ‘Search for Institute’ button.
  3. Provide the required details to access the institution list.
  4. If the desired institution is not registered, candidates can prompt their institutions to register by clicking the provided link.

Step 2: Register with National Scholarship Portal (NSP)

  1. Visit the National Scholarship Portal’s Home Page for registration.
  2. Select ‘NSP Registration‘.
  3. Review the Guidelines for Registration on NSP.
  4. Proceed by clicking ‘Continue’.
  5. Fill in all necessary details.
  6. Click on ‘Register’.
  7. Receive a student application ID and password on the registered mobile number.

Step 3: Logging in with National Scholarship Portal

  1. Click the login button to access the scholarship application.
  2. Enter the application ID and password received on the registered mobile number.

Step 4: Change the Password (Mandatory Step)

  1. Upon successful login, an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  2. Verify the OTP.
  3. Access the password change page.
  4. Modify the password and proceed.

Step 5: Enter the Dashboard of NSP

  1. After changing the password, you’ll be directed to the Applicant’s Dashboard Page.
  2. Click ‘Application Form’ to initiate the application process.
  3. Provide registration, academic, and basic details.
  4. Click ‘Save & Continue’.
  5. Add contact details, scheme information, and upload required documents.
  6. Click ‘Save as Draft’ to confirm the accuracy of entered data.
  7. After confirming, click ‘Final Submit’ to complete the submission.

Note: Once Scholarship applications are finally submitted, they cannot be edited any further. Therefore, applicants are strongly advised to double-check all information before clicking the final submit button, as no modifications will be accepted after the submission has been finalized.

How to Apply NSP Scholarship through its Mobile App

In 2018, the Government of India introduced the ‘National Scholarship Portal Mobile App’ to simplify and enhance the online scholarship application process for students. This app can be easily downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store onto mobile devices. Moreover, the NSP mobile app is also integrated within the ‘UMANG’ app, which was previously launched by the government. Hence, if you have the UMANG app already installed on your mobile device, you can initiate scholarship applications by registering on the NSP mobile app.

This app offers comprehensive access to all services provided by the National Scholarship Portal. It not only facilitates access to NSP scholarships but also streamlines the application process into a few straightforward steps.

NSP Scholarship Status : How to Check

Those students who have applied successfully for NSP scholarship, they can Check now NSP Application Status and Payment Status by following the givens steps below:

For NSP Scholarship Application Status

  1. Visit the official website or use the provided direct link from the important link section.
  2. Select the Academic Year and choose between Fresh or Renewal applications.
  3. Enter your Application ID.
  4. Click the Submit Button.

For NSP Scholarship Payment Status

  • Visit the official website or use the provided direct link from the important link section.
  • Choose either the Bank Name and Account Number option or the NSP Application ID option.
  • Click on the Search Button.
  • This will allow you to verify your NSP Payment Status.

Note: Applicants can also check their application status by using their Login ID & Password at the official Portal.

NSP Scholarship 2023-24 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is NSP- National Scholarship Portal?

A. The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) serves as an exclusive online platform aimed at listing numerous scholarships available to students throughout India, assisting them in their educational pursuits. This portal features a wide array of programs provided by entities such as the Central Government, State Governments, and other governmental institutions like AICTE and UGC. Serving as a comprehensive hub, it consolidates various government scholarships, providing a range of services including streamlined online application processes and convenient scholarship distribution methods.

Q. Who can apply for NSP Scholarships?

A. Various departments operating under the Government of India and state governments are providing NSP scholarships. As a result, the eligibility requirements for each NSP scholarship might differ. It is advisable to refer to specific scholarships to understand their respective eligibility criteria. These scholarships are intended for students ranging from Class 1 to 12, as well as those pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, and Postdoctoral studies. Additionally, the list includes scholarships catering to SC, ST, OBC, EBC, and Minority Communities.

Q. What should an applicant do if he/she forgets the application id or password?

A. If students happen to forget their application ID or password, they have the option to click on the “Forget Application ID” or “Forget Password” button located on the login page in order to recover it.

Q. Is Aadhaar a mandatory requirement for all NSP scholarships?

A. Certainly, possessing an Aadhaar number is not obligatory when seeking an NSP scholarship. In cases where students lack an Aadhaar number, they can still pursue scholarship applications by furnishing their Aadhaar enrollment id.

Q. What is the last date of NSP Scholarship 2023-24?

A. The last date of online application for NSP Scholarship is 31st December 2023.

Q. When will NSP scholarship amount come 2023?

A. The scholarship amount is provided in the month of March to April.

Q. How to complete NSP scholarship biometric authentication?

A. Biometric Authentication can be performed at Common Service Centres (CSCs) located in District Head Quarters and respective institutes.