Hungary Elections 2022 Results Live

Hungary Elections 2022 Results : According to results declared by the National Election Office (NVI), with 36.32 % of the votes counted, parliamentary seat allocation stands at:

  • Fidesz-KDNP: 134 seats.
  • United for Hungary: 57 seats.
  • Our Home: 8 seats.

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Prime Minister of Hungary’s Nationalist Viktor Orban looked set for a 4th consecutive term in Sunday’s election, as voters endorsed their cautious stance over Russia’s war in Ukraine and his campaign for more traditional Christian values. Preliminary Election results with 23% of national party list votes counted showed Orban’s Fidesz party leading with 60% of votes vs 29% for a 6-party opposition party alliance. Baseed on the early results, Fidesz was also ahead in most single-member constituencies.

The difference could narrow once big-city constituencies where the opposition party has more support are counted. If confirmed by final results, expected later on Sunday, a comfortable victory could embolden Orban, 58, in his Goal to construct an “illiberal” state which critics say amounts to a subversion of democratic norms.

Orban has rebuked the Russian invasion and has not vetoed any European Union region against Moscow even though he said he did not agree with them. But he has prohibited any transport of arms to Ukraine via Hungarian territory, facing criticism from his nationalist allies in Poland.

The Ukraine attacks, which Russia calls a “special military operation” to daunt its neighbour, has forced Orban, one of Europe’s longest-serving leaders, into awkward manoeuvring at home and reinforced opposition leader Peter Marki-Zay’s campaign call to bring Hungary back into the Western sphere of influence.

Still, many older, poorer voters, who have deeply supported Orban’s conservative social agenda, appeared distrustful of the opposition, which he has said would put the country into war.

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