What is the TikTok Porcelain Challenge ?: is it real or fake?

What is the TikTok Porcelain Challenge ?: is it real or fake?

References to a TikTok Porcelain Challenge are making the rounds of the social platform. However, the lack of explanation found in many videos is leaving viewers confused as to whether the Porcelain Challenge is real or fake. Well, it’s incredibly stupid and, fortunately, very untrue.

@childprogeny Help me make videos with the hashtag #porcelainchallenge to freak out boomers #dominoschocolatelavacrunchcakes Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod and Kevin The Monkey

The Porcelain Challenge is assumed to be a trend where Generation Z children take their parents’ fine porcelain, grind it, and puff it as a kind of protest. Fortunately, this is a hoax of a user to “drive boomers crazy” because “it would be fun”. The user went so far as to make a fake news in response to a comment on one of their videos that “Fox News is all over the place”.

@childprogeny In reply to @ravenmrd major update #porcelainchallenge #dominoschocolatelavacrunchcakes original sound – Sebastian Durfee

The user who started the hoax asked their followers to refer to it so that people would believe it was real. But, of course, this is a classic example of attention-seeking behavior. It’s a blatant attempt to ride false trends like the Nyquil Chicken Challenge, which led to an FDA statement urging people not to wet meat with a sleep-inducing cough syrup (despite there being few or no cases in which actually happens).

However, unlike the Nyquil Chicken concept, which was original, absurd and ridiculous, the Porcelain Challenge is derived. As always, when you see a post referencing a potentially harmful trend, report it and keep moving. Validating this sort of thing with any kind of response encourages misbehavior.